About the Helensburgh Adviser

Helensburgh Adviser is an online publication based in Helensburgh, Scotland. Our dedicated team of staff writers work tirelessly to bring the best fake news and opinion from the birthplace of the inventor of TV.

Herm Park

Herm “Hermie” Park is the editor in chief at the ‘Adviser, with decades of experience in publishing content on the web. A stickler for attention to detail and facts over fluff, every article we publish will be given at least a once-over by Herm before it goes live. Sometimes more.

George Ramsgate

Second only to Herm in terms of experience, George Ramsgate will report on matters of importance for the town centre and the posh bits of Helensburgh. George is a cut from the same cloth as Herm and crafts his articles with lean efficiency.

Colin Grain

Colin “Col” Grain works the east side of town for the ‘Adviser. He’s as comfortable wading in his wellies down by Craigendoran Pier as he his navigating the traffic narrowed arteries of Kirkmichael.

Joan L Baird

Reporting on environmental matters, Joan loves the rural life in our quiet commuter town. When she isn’t researching a story, Joan will be out enjoying walks along the riverside or up through Duchess Woods.

Charlotte Street

Fresh out of University, Charlotte is eager to write about the people behind the stories. A keen participant in Helensburgh’s vibrant nightlife, she enjoys meeting new people and keeping her finger on the pulse of the town. To Charlotte; it’s not gossip or hearsay – it’s a potential lead.