The Dapper Dug on James Street, Helensburgh

The Dapper Dug sets new record for storied ‘burgh premises

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The Dapper Dug, Helensburgh’s newest and most recently closed pub, has potentially set a new record for the shortest opening to closure period ever.

After numerous delays, the gastro pub finally opened on James Street in mid June 2022. Occupying the building that was originally a cinema before it became a snooker club and amusement arcade, The Logie Baird pub, The Picture House Pub, then The Logie Baird again for a short while. The Dapper Dug lasted approximately a month before a staff walkout on the evening of Friday, July 15th 2022 saw the doors closed again for good.

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records confirmed that they were checking records to confirm whether The Dapper Dug had earned the title of shortest lived business to occupy the premises.

“Thus far, it’s looking like The Dapper Dug will take the mantle of shortest-lived venture in that building but we’re taking the time to look back and confirm. The second incarnation of The Logie Baird came and went before too long but we believe The Dapper Dug takes it by quite some margin.” A Guinness World Records spokesperson explained.

“Helensburgh has many records in various categories to be proud of, such as the sheer longevity of the Carousel Sports closing down sale, the number of charity shops per mile of footpath, and the most unlikely change of use from when The Coffee Club became a hot tub showroom. That’s unlikely to be beaten unless, of course, The Dapper Dug premises actually does go back to being a cinema again.” The Spokesperson told us.

All of us at The ‘Adviser wish the best of luck to staff affected by the failure of the business but hope they can take pride in the part they played in establishing a new world record. They might not have earned any money for their final shift but perhaps they’ve secured a place in the history books.