Seagull terrorist swoops from the Co-op roof

Seagull terrorism rocks town centre

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A menacing seagull has been seen swooping to attack innocent pedestrians at the junction of Sinclair Street and King Street in Helensburgh.

Alerted by members of the public, we dispatched a reporter to investigate the scene. Within minutes the bird was seen targeting a man returning to his car with a bag of food from The Sun chippie. Alarming the man with several extreme swoops, punctuated by shrill cries, the seagull then retreated to its vantage point on top of the Co-op building.

When our reporter left the safety of her car to take a picture, they too became subject to an attack by the ‘gull. As our reporter wasn’t carrying any food, it’s presumed that the ‘gull is protecting the territory it has claimed in the area.

Despite the temptation to take pictures of the bird for submission to our Seagull of the Month gallery, we urge the general public to exercise caution. Especially if you’re carrying a bag containing enough chips to feed a rugby team.