Artists impression of Helensburgh Spaceport rocket launch

Helensburgh in bid to host Scotland’s next spaceport

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The ‘Adviser has learned that Helensburgh Community Council will submit a spaceport proposal that could see rocket launches taking place from a specially constructed pad either “towards the end of the town’s pier car park” or from an extensively refurbished Craigendoran Pier.

A council insider, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, told us that due to the next phase of the CHORD project being in a state of flux it wasn’t too late to alter the plans to include the development of a launch pad should the application be successful.

“It might seem far-fetched to some, but it’s no more outlandish than, say, that early 90s plan to turn Central Station into a shopping mall. In fact, when you compare our proposal to that of the wind farm from a few years back, I think we’ve got every chance of being accepted.” Our insider told us.

When we reminded our informant that one of the reasons the wind farm failed to get the green light was that the rotating blades might interfere with Glasgow Airport’s radar, they explained that rockets were a different issue altogether.

“Unlike a windmill that could be spinning all day long, with rockets you select a favourable launch window and from that everybody knows when and where it’s taking place. Air traffic can avoid the area from, for example, t-minus two minutes until t-plus two minutes, so the launch site wouldn’t cause much disruption. A launch might well lead to some heavy traffic on the ground, though. A bit like the annual firework display, but on a larger scale.”

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Our insider also disclosed that a new council sub-committee has been formed to work on the project. Although currently highly secretive, the Helensburgh Aeronautics & Space Administration will oversee related projects in the event of a successful application.

HASA hope to conduct a test launch from the end of the pier car park to validate our¬†proposal. Watch this space.” Our insider promised.