Kirkmichael Young Beach graffiti on a brick wall

Kirkmichael Young Beach nominated to Young Team Hall of Fame

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A local youth organisation has gained international recognition with their first nomination for induction into the Young Team Hall of Fame.

For nomination, an organisation must have a sample of graffiti dating back at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. As the KYB‘s tag has been well known in the Helensburgh area for over four decades it meant they easily qualified for first time nomination as inductees on the prestigious roster for 2019.

We spoke with a KYB representative, Charlie, who said, “It’s a defining moment in our history. To be named on the ballot alongside esteemed young teams like the Balloch Hoods, the Dinky fae Dumbarton, and the Myre fae Bellsmyre is a credit to the hard work put in by several generations of us from Kirkmichael.”

Indeed, in the late 1970s, the KYB was well regarded as a loosely organised group of youths whose time outside of school was spent aggressively protecting “their territory” and marking it as such with distinctive graffiti. This struck most casual observers as unusual because in those days nobody in their right mind would venture into Kirkmichael unless they already lived there or were delivering something.

“The glory days are long gone now,” Charlie said, wistfully, “but back when my da’ and my auld uncle were active members, naebody fae Churchill dared cross the railway bridge after the street lights came on. Fact.”

It’s evident that the legacy of former members from the latter part of the 20th century has played a big part in the KYB‘s nomination for this year’s hall of fame intake. Ballots are sent out to voting members of the Global Young Team Federation in December each year and the winners are announced at a prestigious ceremony in January.

The ‘Adviser staff wish the KYB the very best of luck and will report in full once results are known.