Helensburgh Pier shortly before the test launch

HASA’s weekend test launch presumed successful

HASA Infrastructure

Despite the fireworks, the launch of Helensburgh Aeronautics and Space Administration’s first test rocket appeared to go smoothly on Sunday night.

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After being issued with a special circumstances permit to use the dilapidated pier, HASA expected to conduct their test in clear conditions on Sunday evening. However, due to clashing with the annual fireworks display, it’s not clear what happened to the launch vehicle.

“Our long-range forecast projected there would be favourable conditions for the chosen launch date when we applied for the permit.” A HASA spokesperson told the ‘Adviser. “It’s just unfortunate that the bad weather the night before meant the fireworks display also ended up taking place at the same time.”

“We were pleased that the public came out to witness the launch as well as the fireworks. Eagle-eyed observers probably spotted our drone, high above the west bay, recording the launch for later analysis.” HASA said in a press release, Monday morning. “For those of you trying to spot the test vehicle; ours was the one that went woosh but didn’t go bang.”

When contacted for an update on the vehicle recovery operation, a HASA spokesperson explained: “Well, we haven’t got it back yet. We don’t think it exploded but it was hard to tell with all the other ones that were exploding. The strong wind made it difficult for our recovery vessel to search the splashdown area. Hopefully, it’ll wash up on the shore in the coming days.”

The event marks Helensburgh’s foot being placed firmly on the first rung of the ladder to having a fully-fledged spaceport. Whatever the outcome, all of us at the ‘Adviser are delighted that the test launch was considered a success.