Anne of Loudounville

Anne of Loudounville join in Black Friday hysteria

Town centre

The town centre gift shop has made the unexpected move of joining in the mass consumer frenzy by “slashing prices” for the event known as Black Friday.

Located on the northeast corner of Colquhoun Square, Anne of Loudounville has been around since 1986, but it’s thought this is the first time the business has had a sale of any kind. Regarded as one of the most expensive shops on the planet, never mind Helensburgh, excited shoppers are expected to flock to the boutique today in the hope of snapping up a bargain.

We spoke to one shopper, Margaret, who had been waiting in Costa since it opened on Friday morning, with the intention of dashing along to Anne of Loudounville as soon as it opened.

“I’m just really excited to pick up a bargain. I’ve heard that there’ll be trinkets for as little as £90,” Margaret enthused. “Both of my children are in Lomond School, so if I can find an appropriate festive gift for their teachers – like chocolates at under £50 – I’ll be delighted!”

It’s likely that the unprecedented retail event will cause disruption around the Colquhoun Square and Princes Street area. Other shoppers are advised to avoid the area.