The pavement by the station entrance at Craigendoran

Storied Craigendoran pavement gains new accolade


An extensive survey has found that during February 2019 the pavement on Station Road had more dog mess per metre than any other in Helensburgh.

Already renowned for its potential to twist an ankle, the semi-derelict stretch sees commuters regularly run a gauntlet of dog poo as they rush to make their trains or traipse wearily to their cars at the end of the day.

Data gathered by a local think-tank, HeADS, was expected to confirm that the surface of the pavement was one of the worst in the area despite recent patchwork repairs. It was only when their surveyor visited the site that they also found the proliferation of dog muck along the stretch.

“It was partly due to the recent dry spell. Without any rain to wash away the excrement it began to build up, reaching record-setting levels by late February.” A HeADS spokesperson told the ‘Adviser.

The search is now on for a pavement in Helensburgh that can top the poo-per-metre record set at Craigendoran. “There are so many thoughtless dog owners in the area that we have confidence in that record being bettered elsewhere in the town.”