Helensburgh pier, photographed in October 2018

Pier closure puts HASA test launch in jeopardy

HASA Infrastructure

The closure of Helensburgh’s pier to vessels sailing on the Clyde has put a planned rocket test launch at risk.

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As reported in other local media outlets, the pier’s recent closure means that visits from the likes of PS Waverley have been cast into serious doubt. Also impacted is the scheduled test launch of a prototype rocket by Helensburgh’s Aeronautics and Space Administration.

A HASA statement sent to the ‘Adviser said that without the use of the pier, post-launch recovery of their rocket could be adversely affected.

“If things go as planned then we’d be looking to recover the test vehicle after it splashes down in the river Clyde, shortly after launch. Obviously, that’s simpler if we can have a boat berthed at the pier. We’re now in the process of applying for a special circumstances permit from Argyll & Bute Council to facilitate this.” The HASA statement explained. “Failing that, we’ll need to deploy the boat from somewhere else and that makes co-ordinating recovery more challenging. Our current budget means we had to order fairly cheap walkie-talkies from Amazon and the range isn’t great.”

Everyone at the ‘Adviser hopes that the test launch will be able to go ahead as planned and we’ll bring you more on this story as it develops.