A flood sign by the road on East Clyde Street

Clyde street residents endure dust, grit and flooding


An ill-timed, half-hearted attempt at road resurfacing led to clouds of dust along East Clyde street until torrential rain brought rising water levels.

Within hours of Argyll & Bute Council’s contractors spreading grit on a long stretch of road, the windows and cars of residents were covered in the thick dust that rose behind passing traffic.

Although the toffs in posh cars crawled their way to and from Waitrose, regular people in crap cars continued to race along the riverside drag-strip at the usual 30-40 mph. The latter drivers showered parked cars, cyclists, pavements and pedestrians with the loosely laid grit.

Outraged residents took to the Facebook page “Very Opinionated People of Helensburgh” to voice their disgust. A handful of the 3000-plus members – most of whom appear to be related in some way – expressed contempt for both the council and the contractors involved.

“Sack the lot and hire the primary school kids!” one frustrated commenter suggested, demonstrating a clear lack of knowledge of the minimum age for driving an HGV laden with grit.

As the torrential rains came in the following days the dust clouds subsided but the loose surface was then washed into the already inadequate drains. This lead to fast-rising water levels that threatened the houses of those at street level.

A flood warning sign on West Clyde Street
A flood warning sign on West Clyde Street

Concerned residents and business owners alike shared videos on the VOPOH page and debated the dire situation until, as usual, a handful of people who think they’re hilarious derailed the conversation.

Despite the recent successful resurfacing at the top of Grant Street, the Clyde Street debacle was considered a step in the wrong direction for Argyll & Bute Council.