Helensburgh town centre blanketed by fog

Festive season fog declared a gift for fog light using drivers

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Heavy fog that beset Helensburgh during the festive season has been declared “a wonderful gift” by drivers intent on driving around with their fog lights on all year round.

For most of us, the fog that blanketed the town and surrounding areas over Christmas resulted in challenging conditions. However, drivers who regularly drive around in perfect conditions with their fog lights on reported that the weather was vindication for their perseverance.

“The treatment we get for having our fog lights on all the time is torturous.” One driver, who asked not to be named, told us. “It’s not just rude gestures and abuse I’ve seen aimed at me. I’ve also been flashed at with full beams for several seconds, which is very dangerous I think.”

The driver added “For Santa to bring a wonderful, pea-soup of a fog with him for several days was wonderful. I didn’t have to remember to use my fog lights because having them on just comes naturally to me. I could tell some other drivers didn’t have a clue how to even turn their fog lights on, so I feel vindicated for sure.”

Other drivers weren’t convinced, with reports reaching us of road users facing a “wall of light coming towards them” in 100 metre visibility as some drivers opted for both fog lights and full beams.