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The KYB in shock young team hall of fame result

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The ballot for induction into the Young Team Hall of Fame has resulted in an unprecedented tie that sees KYB in a deadlock with arch-rivals, the Dinky from Dumbarton.

As our report in November 2018 exclusively revealed, the storied Helensburgh youth organisation were expected to canter into the Global Young Team Federation (GYTF) Hall of Fame as first time nominees. However, after the ballots had been counted the result was found to be a tie between the KYB and the Brucehill Young Dinky, from Dumbarton.

“We were aw’ stunned when we counted the ballots before the festive break. We had a think about it over the holidays before conducting a recount with fresh eyes in January. It came down to a single spoiled ballot paper for the KYB, which had been marked in coloured pencil and not black ink as stipulated in the rules.” A GYTF spokesman explained.

When we enquired what happened next in the process, the GYTF representative told us that the situation was unique. “This is the first time in history that there’s been a tie between two close rivals. We held an EGM to discuss the options and the committee unanimously agreed that the young teams involved should have a face-off.”

A press release by the GYTF states that the venue should be in neutral territory and that the date and nature of the tie-breaking clash should be decided between the young teams involved. The ‘Myre of Bellsmyre have been ruled out of hosting due to their locality to the Dinky. However, unconfirmed reports suggest that the Balloch Hoods have expressed an interest in hosting the decider in Balloch Park.

We contacted KYB representative, Charlie for his thoughts on the unexpected situation. “We were all set to celebrate at the end of the year, then prepare our acceptance speeches and iron our best trackies for the awards ceremony. Some of the gang even asked for a new shell suit for Christmas so we looked our best on the night. We’re still in a state of shock about having to take part in a face-off but, if we have to tool up, we’ll be ready. Fact.”

Charlie explained that the KYB had not known that the ‘Dinky were on the ballot and have been totally blindsided by the result.

“We thought it was a formality and had made some bold plans for 2019 to mark being inducted, like fundraising activities to give back to the community. Unfortunately, now Keying Cars for Cancer, Egging for Enable, Bamming for Barnardo’s and other efforts will have to wait.”

We’ll bring you more on this dramatic story as it breaks.