Riverhill Courtyard kitchen exhaust venting smoke

Festive pea soup traced to town centre restaurant vent

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The source of the thick fog that blanketed Helensburgh during the Christmas holidays has been linked to Riverhill Courtyard Restaurant & Bar kitchen exhaust.

Conditions that impacted visibility in Helensburgh’s town centre and surrounding area for several days was merely thought to be due to seasonal weather. However, the ‘Adviser has discovered that the festive pea-souper was likely caused by the steady plume of smoke emanating from a kitchen fume extractor.

Helensburgh town centre blanketed by thick fog
Helensburgh town centre blanketed by fog

The outlet was seen to be spewing thick smoke into the Sinclair Street car park on a Sunday afternoon in early February, driving speculation that the exhaust has been the source of fog and mist all along.

The question is; what needed to be so well-done as to create that amount of smoke?