Boots to open yet another town centre store

Town centre

A Boots spokesperson has revealed that the next step in Boots’ long-term plan to completely dominate Helensburgh’s town centre will be the opening of a shoe store as soon as a suitable site can be found.

“We’re ready to go as soon as the right location becomes available.” The spokesperson explained. “Truthfully, we’re anticipating the bottom falling out of the vaping scene. The town can’t sustain that many of those stores long term, so we’re waiting in the wings to occupy one of those.”

Although traditionally operating in the chemist or optical retail channels, Boots were confident that their new venture, Boots’ Boots, would have every success in a town that is somewhat lacking in shoe shops.

Boots’ spokesperson added “Our distinctive brand will make the right shop front really stand out on the high street. Although, unlike our pharmacy and optometrist stores, for Boots’ Boots we won’t be using the large, distinctive green cross. Which is a shame, because that’s a big plus.”