Mysterious buoy by Craigendoran Pier

Mysterious buoy spotted by Craigendoran Pier

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An alert reader contacted the Helensburgh Adviser after noticing the unusual item on the shore by Middleton Drive.

The local man, who gave his name as Arthur, told us he had spotted the buoy whilst on a walk with his dog, Mulder.

“There’s something no’ right about it. It’s no’ like any buoy type thing I’ve ever seen floatin’ about. I reckon it’s something to dae with the lair they’ve been workin’ oan. Although that’s all gone a bit quiet now. They’re maybe done.” Arthur explained.

Arthur had previously contacted the ‘Adviser when he believed that works at Craigendoran Pier to be the construction of a lair for a criminal mastermind. Our reporter was unable to confirm Arthur’s findings at the time.

Whilst our reporter did indeed find the mysterious buoy in question during a site visit in late September, they were not able to draw any conclusions regarding its purpose. The buoy is large and covered in old car tyres, so unlikely to do any damage to larger vessels on the Clyde.

We reached out to Peter Andre’s management regarding the mysterious buoy, stranded on the shore but he was unavailable for comment.

Do you know why it’s there or where it came from? If so, get in touch.