A dirty pavement on Sinclair Street, Helensburgh

Residents astonished to learn that rain was cleaning the pavements all along

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A recent post on the Facebook group Angry, Opinionated People of Helensburgh noting the filthy state of pavements has seemingly betrayed everything locals thought they knew to be true regarding how they have been kept clean in the past.

A few misguided residents were certain they could remember a time when Argyll and Bute Council had regularly cleaned Helensburgh’s wide walkways. However, it became evident that after a heatwave lasting almost two months, the area has suffered near-drought conditions and the lack of rain has caused the grime to build up.

A dirty pavement on the west side of Helensburgh’s Sinclair Street

“I can remember a time when the pavement shined like the Yellow Brick Road fae The Wizard o’ Oz.” Lamented one wistful commenter. Yet the unfortunate reality is that the pavements only really shined after the initial construction dust from the CHORD project had been washed away half a decade ago.

As if to demonstrate that people have exceptionally short memories, it’s as recently as July 2018 when locals on the exact same Facebook page complained about the build-up of chewing gum on the surface of Colquhoun Square.

Editor’s note

An earlier version of this article claimed that the town had “wide walkways.” It has been brought to the editor’s attention that this is only true of the pavement where the local hospitality industry hasn’t claimed it as their own, causing bottlenecks for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike.

We are happy to set the record straight.