Slug lanes on Sinclair Street

Helensburgh Community Council to trial slug lanes

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A think-tank embedded within Helensburgh Community Council has recommended that “slug lanes” are the way forward during the autumn slug surge.

Dedicated slug lanes have been created on the footpath that runs up the east side of Sinclair Street. A council spokesperson told us that the lanes will facilitate safe passage of slugs in both directions.

“We believe this project is something of a world first and encourage pedestrians using the footpath to be mindful and give way to creatures on the Mollusc Mile.” The spokesperson told us.

From the presentation we attended, it wasn’t clear whether slugs or snails would adhere to staying to the left of their direction of travel, similar to how traffic behaves on our roadways. We asked how long the trial would run and the council spokesperson explained that it would run indefinitely.

“At least until the pavement is dug up again.” The spokesperson estimated.