The entrance to the new Hermitage Grange estate

Leaked document reveals potential street names for former ‘Academy site

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A file anonymously sent to the Helensburgh Adviser has unveiled a clutch of street names that could make the grade for the new build estate.

As construction on the second phase of the development nears completion, the site of the old Hermitage Academy now looks vastly different from the days when the brutalist concrete monstrosity dominated the skyline. Although the landscape has changed dramatically, the name of the estate, Hermitage Grange, harks back to the academic hive that swarmed with pupils for four decades until its closure in 2008.

Now, where you and I might once have sheltered under the overhead piping during a break, quiet new streets and homes occupy the void left when the old ‘Academy was demolished. The names of the new byways have been a closely guarded secret, but the ‘Adviser can exclusively reveal the shortlist of candidates;

  • Canteen Court
  • Comment Slip Crescent
  • Detention Drive
  • Doc Young Drive
  • Expulsion Avenue
  • Geography Grove
  • Guidance Gardens
  • Homework Way
  • Library Lane
  • Passout Parade
  • Punishment Exercise Place
  • Pullin Parkway
  • Registration Row
  • Technical Terrace
  • Woodwork Wynd

While it’s not yet clear which of the above names could form the first line of an address for new residents, it’s obvious that some thought has gone into the selection process.