A row of cars on the left blocking those on the right

Lazy drivers entrap those parking considerately at Craigendoran

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A handful of hasty drivers are ensuring that those who arrive early and park along the seawall are then trapped upon their return to Craigendoran Station.

Although there are no marked parking bays in the vicinity of Craigendoran station, on a weekday morning most drivers will park in a perpendicular fashion along the seawall leaving adequate space for others to depart. However, those running late for their train are more likely to abandon their car by the pavement, giving barely any room for returning drivers to leave the seawall spaces at the end of the day.

One commuter, Paul, told us that he parks his SUV at the station most mornings and that the situation had become ridiculous. “It almost looks like a coordinated effort to trap everyone who got there early! The late-arriving commuters are cutting it too fine to park at the far end of the seawall, so they just race up behind the last car nearest the station with no regard for anyone else.”

Paul explained that his car, and others, had been stuck several times by thoughtless parking. When we visited the site to investigate the issue, our reporter found that there could indeed be a frustrating situation lying in wait for commuters when they return home from work. In fact, given how narrow the road is, it’s surprising there aren’t incidents of bumps and scrapes on a daily basis due to cars being blocked into tight spaces.

As we surveyed the scene, the driver of a black Audi sped to a stop by the pavement and quickly left his car without considering the inconvenience he might be causing. He took off, briskly towards the railway bridge before we could ask for an interview, only to hear an announcement that his train was delayed anyway.

While he stood checking his phone for information we caught up and asked if he had considered using the marked parking bays beyond Middleton Lane rather than risk blocking in other drivers.

“No, never! I don’t know anyone who does, aside from residents.” He told us. “Unless I was Usain Bolt, I don’t see why I’d park there just to sprint 100 yards for my train!”

And with that, the gentleman headed over the bridge to catch the delayed train to Edinburgh, leaving those who would return later that evening to negotiate the close quarters his car had created.