Missing couple found safe and well at bottom of Henry Bell Street

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An intensive search of the Helensburgh area has ended in relief after a missing couple were found to be merely stuck at the four-way stop in place at the bottom of Henry Bell Street.

The couple, whose names have been withheld to prevent further embarrassment, had been visiting friends on Albert Drive when they set off for a short trip to Waitrose. Having driven down Charlotte Street on the way there, they made it to the supermarket unaware of the trouble in store for them. It was only when the unfortunate pair opted to make their return via Henry Bell Street that the tale of woe unfolded.

A map of the disaster area at the bottom of Henry Bell Street.
A map of the disaster area at the bottom of Henry Bell Street. Click on the image for a larger version.

“Our friends are strangers to the area and didn’t realise the mistake they’d made until it was too late. They waited patiently at the red light, but to no avail – it just never changed.” The friend of the couple told us. “Time passed more quickly than they realised and before they knew it their phones had died, so all contact was lost. They eventually huddled together under a blanket in the back seat to keep warm and that’s how police found them the next day. It was a traumatic and embarrassing experience for them, but I’d like to thank the police and the coastguard for their help.”

Although this story ultimately had a happy ending, police have said the outcome could have been much worse had the survival instincts of the couple not kicked in. Whilst the four-way stop is in place, Police have advised avoiding Helensburgh’s latest traffic disaster area if at all possible.