Angry resident demands road resurfacing

Infrastructure Roads

A resident from the Helensburgh Upper area of the town has called for the second road resurfacing of East Rossdhu Drive in the space of five years. The man, who asked not to be named, told the ‘Adviser that the state of the street was “deplorable” after finding a stone chip on his Mercedes.

“I was on my way home from Waitrose when I heard the noise of a stone hitting the side of my car.” The resident explained, “I immediately came to a halt to investigate – almost toppling over the bag of shopping in the passenger seat. When I got out to inspect the damage I was enraged to find a stone chip on the driver’s door.”

The resident told the ‘Adviser of how he had carefully driven to and from the supermarket via roads that were in good condition, specifically to avoid the loose surfaces common on Helensburgh’s byways.

“To visit Waitrose using only well-surfaced roads I have to drive over six miles to complete what should be a four-mile round trip! I live in council tax band H, you know? I’ve paid over the odds for years and I demand that the council both compensates me for the damage and prioritises the resurfacing of my road.”

Historically, Helensburgh’s roads have deteriorated to a state similar to that found on the surface of the Moon before the council send a maintenance team out to lay fresh tarmac. However, the resident is confident that, “because he lives up in the posh bit,” his request might move things along.

Our legal expert wasn’t so sure and told us that, should the East Rossdhu Drive resident’s overtures to the council be successful it could “open the floodgates” for other claims of a similar nature.

“The people living in any of the in-shots off Winston Road, for example, or the poor folk living upon a street of rubble at Diana Vernon Court, would have a field day if this claim is successful.” Our expert cautioned.