Weedol back away from Craigendoran station challenge

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A recent challenge posted on social media in an attempt to goad the well-known gardening brand into eradicating Craigendoran station of weeds has been declined.

The unused riverside platform at the station becomes so overgrown during the summer that it obscures passengers’ view of the river. As Network Rail had been seemingly ignoring the growing problem, a local resident was prompted to turn to Twitter to suggest that Weedol might do something to help.

However, a Weedol spokesperson promptly poured cold water on the idea and explained why the company couldn’t help in this particular situation.

“Whilst we are delighted that Weedol was the product that first sprung to mind for this customer, we have to be careful with which endeavours we undertake. Any perception of failure could be damaging to the public perception of the brand. We sent a representative to inspect the location and, to be frank, after seeing her report we wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. There could be Giant Hogweed or Japanese Knotweed in there… heck, triffids for all we know.”

Competing brand, Roundup, similarly declined an invitation to face the foliage. They told the ‘Adviser that, whilst they welcomed the chance to best their competitors, the sheer scale of the undergrowth at Craigendoran station meant it would be “logistically impossible” for them to scale production during the busy summer gardening months.